From our Vocational Department:

Welcome to the Workshop! All products from our vocational workshop are made by hand by our students with the help of our staff. Here the students get to practice all of the skills they will need to be successful in a workplace setting… all while creating fun projects and having the time of their lives!

When you place your order, students from our school have the opportunity to work on all steps involved in the creation of your project. Our students can create all sorts of amazing things like wooden signs, cornhole boards, step stools, pillows, jewelry, holiday wreaths, dog treats, key chains, personalized mugs and so much more! If you have seen something on Pinterest or Etsy our students can make it.

Ordering is easy! Submit the form below and you will be supporting the future of children who have developmental disabilities.

Important! Please be specific as possible with size, colors, and design. Most products will take us 2-8 weeks to complete based on the difficulty of the project. If possible, please upload an image or share a link for us to use as a model. When you submit your form, a staff member will get back to you within 24-48 hours to confirm pricing, pick-up, or delivery instructions and ask any follow-up questions.

Because of you, all children have the opportunity to not only succeed but thrive.

Click here for the Vocational Dept. Order Form

Rooms 5 & 7 are making soap! They have holiday soap, oatmeal, shea butter.. and others! Order you soap HERE!

Soap Order Form


Scent: Tropical

Scent: Floral

Scent: Fall

Scent: Winter

Scent: Love

Scent: Cookies & Cakes

Scent: Happy

Scent: Gentlemen’s