Frequently asked questions

ACCEL provides high quality therapeutic and educational services to children and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities

Why should my child attend one of ACCEL's schools?

ACCEL genuinely cares about your child! Our school programs provide evidence-based and individualized educational, behavioral, vocational, and therapeutic services to our students in a positive and supportive educational environment. With programs designed specifically for children and adults with special needs and developmental disabilities, ACCEL is the only Arizona special education school program to achieve accreditation from the National Commission for Accreditation of Special Education Services (NCASES) and has achieved recognition as a School of Excellence from the National Association of Special Education Teachers.

Does my child have to have a Special Education diagnosis to attend an ACCEL program?

Yes. ACCEL school programs are approved by the Arizona State Department of Education to serve students with many education-related diagnoses, including Autism, Emotional and Learning Disability, Multiple Disability (including Severe Sensory Impairment), Developmental Delay, Physical Disability, Intellectual Disability, Traumatic Brain Injury, Speech and Language Impairment and Other Health Impairments from the ages of 5-22. ACCEL programs also serve students with visual and/or hearing impairments. Tailored programs for children with special needs and developmental disabilities.

If my child does not have a referral from a school district, can I still begin the referral process?

Yes. Parents and students are always welcome to visit our programs. If there are questions regarding tuition costs, agreements, and scholarship opportunities, we will be happy to provide further information.

Are ACCEL programs year round?

No. ACCEL schools run on a 10 month calendar. However, an Extended School Year (ESY) program is available for 5 weeks during June and July. Students may qualify for district funded ESY services through the IEP process or may attend the ESY program through private placement.

When do ACCEL school programs accept admissions?

ACCEL school programs accept students throughout the year.

What services could my student receive in an ACCEL program?

Our classrooms provide a high staff: student ratio which allows individualization in academics from functional to grade-level educational programs, vocational and independent living skills programs. Physical, occupational, speech/language, and music therapy services, as well as adaptive aquatics, vision, and nursing services are available to students based upon individual needs. All children with special needs and developmental disabilities.

How long do students generally attend an ACCEL school program?

The continuation of placement at ACCEL is determined at least annually by the IEP team. Exit criteria are developed by the IEP team to assure the student is receiving services in the least restrictive environment in which he/she can be successful .

What other services does ACCEL offer?

– The BISTÅ Center: The BISTÅ Center implements evidence-based practices in ABA Treatment. The BISTÅ Center offers individualized ABA treatment packages based on initial and ongoing assessments. ABA treatment packages include assessments, development of individualized skill acquisition programs, problem behavior identification and reduction, parent and family training consultations, and social groups.
ACCEL Adult Services (AAS): Our adult programs provide lifelong education and vocational training for individuals over the age of 18 with developmental disabilities. By learning and practicing appropriate social skills and developing specific work skills and behaviors our members gain independence and self-confidence.
– Educational and Behavioral Consultation Services: ACCEL Consultation Services are available to organizations, and school districts on a variety of topics.