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ACCEL Partnership

Volunteer To Help Students

AmeriCorps volunteers have the opportunity to work with ACCEL to support the students and staff as a means of giving back to the community and fulfilling the mission of their company.

Civic Engagement

AmeriCorps partners with ACCEL to help prepare the students for tomorrow’s jobs with real-life skills that will help students contribute to society.

Mutual Experience

The partnership also allows volunteers to gain valuable knowledge from ACCEL about the education and skills process that has been developed to serve the Arizona community.

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AmeriCorps Opportunities

AmeriCorps and ACCEL have an amazing partnership where members have an opportunity to serve a unique population who have special needs at the ACCEL Metro Campus. The introduction of this program, made possible by the service of the members, aims to help the students and team members at ACCEL build capacity through the members’ training and increased skills. This project’s main goal is for members to gain on-the-job experience through their service time. This will also help ACCEL grow and increase the quality of the services they offer to families in the valley.

AmeriCorps Members receive intensive training in Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC), other Assistive Technologies, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) provided by ACCEL’s Bista program. The training in Assistive Technology and, more specifically, AAC that includes Language Acquisition through Motor Planning (LAMP), and augmentative alternative communication (AAC). These language systems are designed to give individuals who are non-verbal a method of independently expressing themselves through a speech-generating device.

They will additionally receive ABA training, where they will support the teaching staff using the new ABA techniques and evidence-based interventions. This will improve the academic, social, physical, and behavioral development required to
increase each student’s skill level.