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Behavioral Services

ACCEL Behavioral Services uses the science of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in order to assure students of a life of dignity and self worth.

Within the field of ABA, decades of research has afforded the field with evidence based practices on assessing and treating students behaviors both in reducing undesired behaviors and increasing desired behaviors. In order to address undesired student behaviors, the Department of Behavioral Services (DBS) conducts functional behavioral assessments to understand why undesired behaviors exist and then construct individualized behavior intervention plans.

A team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs) are highly trained ABA therapists who work closely with teachers and classroom support staff to meet behavioral goals. ABA therapists help determine how behavior is affected by the behavior of others, and their environment, as well as how behavior can impede or accelerate learning. ABA therapy can help a student with their communications skills, relationships and social skills, and improve memory and focus.

Behavioral Services

The ABA therapists measure progress by extensively collecting data in each therapy session, on every aspect of the treatment. This data is used to measure progress, and find correlations and root causes of undesirable behavior. Progress is determined individually, as each student has unique behaviors and goals. However, in most cases, progress is measured through improvements in speech and communication, social interaction, personal hygiene, and ability to focus and retain knowledge.

ABA therapists also regularly meet with family members to keep them updated on progress, setbacks or breakthroughs. In addition, DBS works collaboratively with parents, teachers, therapy staff, and other providers to ensure that students’ behavioral programming encompasses their school environment. All classroom staff members are trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention.

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