School Services

ACCEL (Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills) is a private, nonprofit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders and intellectual disabilities.

ACCEL provides a comprehensive instructional program using multisensory instruction, personalized attention to individual needs, customized research-based programming, social emotional skills, fundamental life skills, post-graduation career and job training.

ACCEL School Services provides students ages 5 to 22 with appropriate academic, behavioral, therapeutic and vocational programs to maximize skills and increase independence.

Programming is individualized in a highly structured learning environment with small class size. Intensive, collaborative support services are integrated into daily activities serving students with a wide range of abilities and challenges.

A primary focus is a functional life skills and vocational enterprise curriculum promoting community skills, dignity and independence for all students. ACCEL School Services are located on two primary campuses, as well as, satellite classrooms on public school district campuses.