School Consultation – Training

School-Based Services

The BISTA Center’s school-based autism services include the overall support of the student in the special education or general education environment, as well as supporting students who are working towards transition from special education to the general education classroom. We offer extensive autism training for school personnel and are available to provide ongoing consultation services so that districts are able to build capacity and provide inclusiveness for their special education students.
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School Consultation

ACCEL’s school consultation services are evidence-based approaches to educational and behavioral assessment and intervention. We customize our school consultation to the needs of the individual, classroom, school, or district. Detailed recommendations and plans are developed for each situation.
ACCEL consultation services include:
Behavior plan development and implementation
Collaborative team-building
Curriculum development
District and school-wide behavioral support strategies
Educational and behavioral program design
Inclusive educational support
Individualized Education Program (IEP) development and implementation
Speech and Language evaluations
Staff training
Structured classroom setup
Tranisiton support

Training & Workshops

ACCEL Consulting Services provides training to groups of any size. Group size ranges from training individuals and parents, to large groups including school district personnel. We individualize our trainings to meet the specific needs of the group, regardless of audience size.
The following is a partial list of training topics. Please contact us for more information.

    ADHD: Behavioral management
    Assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior
    Classroom Structure and Set-up
    Collecting and analyzing academic data
    Collecting and analyzing behavioral data
    Compliance training
    Curriculum-based assessment
    Development of Student Instructional Programs
    Direct Instruction (e.g., Corrective Reading, Reading Mastery)
    Discrete Trial Training
    Early intervention for children with PDD, Autism, Asperger’s
    Effective discipline practices
    Effective teaching practices
    Functional behavioral assessments
    Functional analysis
    General classroom management
    Inclusion strategies for students with PDD, Autism, Asperger’s
    Individual social skills assessments
    Overviews of developmental disabilities
    Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
    Positive Behavior Supports for classrooms and schools
    Prompting strategies
    Reinforcer assessments
    School-wide social skills screening
    Self-injury: Assessment and treatment
    Small group instruction
    Teaching social skills
    Teacher/Paraprofessional Training
    Toilet training
    Using behavioral interventions effectively and with integrity
    Using Excel to demonstrate academic and behavioral outcomes
    VB-MAPP assessment
    Verbal Behavior
    Writing measurable IEP goals and objectives
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