Adult Services

ACCEL (Arizona Centers for Comprehensive Education and Life Skills) is a private, nonprofit organization serving children and adults with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, behavior disorders and intellectual disabilities.

ACCEL provides a comprehensive instructional program using multisensory instruction, personalized attention to individual needs, customized research-based programming, social emotional skills, fundamental life skills, post-graduation career and job training.

ACCEL Adult Services is a day program that provides lifelong education and vocational training for individuals over the age of 18 with developmental disabilities, including but not limited to intellectual impairment and autism spectrum disorder.

It is our belief that meaningful activities and learning gives life purpose and allows every person to contribute to their community. We provide programs with structure and security that promote a life of dignity and self-worth.

Some of the skills developed in vocational training include customer service, retail sales, inventory, packaging and shipping. In addition, they learn techniques and procedures to create quality products including designer hat making, custom greeting cards, screen printing, embroidery, and holiday ornaments.